What is Your Perfect Link?

An evil that attacks people and dogs in these times is obesity due to lead a sedentary life, a dog is not an ornament but to have it at home, a dog is part of your family and consequently if you lead a healthy life your pets will also be healthy and full of energy, your dog is a living being capable of giving you all his love in exchange for nothing, it is your best company, your life at your side becomes very enjoyable and fun, is the only one that loves you As you are, regardless of race, religion, nationality or social class, they accept us just as we are, having an aadventure with your dog is not just taking him out to do his daily needs outside, having an adventure with your dog is going out and enjoying of nature to receive its benefits and charge positive energy, an adventure in which your dog feels the true freedom to run and jump, you knew that the special connection that exists between your dog and you is due to oxytocin, which common It is called the hormone of love, jump, run, play together, caresses and each time your bond is reinforced more.
If you are a dog lover and you love nature, welcome you are from our tribe !!!
The relationship that exists between Humans - Dogs - Nature, that is YOUR PERFECT LINK.