YPL Dog Vest Harness

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Do you have a strong, large and active dog? A harness is what your dog needs, why? because it distributes the pressure across his chest and back by decreasing the pressure on his neck, with this harnesses your dog will be safe, because it  resistant and made with the highest quality materials and  easy to put on, in your wild adventures if your pet wants to launch you will have control, this dog harness combines perfectly with our dog leashes your dog will be safe and you will be able to cushion the pull, whit this harnesses your dog will look aesthetically pleasing, we have worldwide free shipping, What are you waiting for? Do not miss the opportunity for your dog to look spectacular, choose the right size and your favorite color, add it to the shopping cart and buy it now.

Because of the extreme demand of all our products, we are proceeding a little slow and the shipping time can extend from 2 to 4 weeks until you receive it at your door ... So buy yours as soon as possible.