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It all started when we adopted a beautiful dog, but we could not resist the look of his brother that moved us all and we decided to adopt him too, they were adorable and playful puppies that we fell in love with, from an early age we started to take them to the park to walk and they were the sensation,


the people could not resist and they stopped to caress them, nowadays they are dogs with a weight of more than 100 pounds, and people get scared a little although they do not stop admiring them, very often we go out in family to walk and have fun, I love being able to walk with my dogs, watch them run and play freely, each ride is a different adventure, our dogs are big and very friendly, on certain occasions we leave them completely free, without harness and without leash, and in some Sometimes we put their accessories because there are other dogs around and their owners can not control them, in our adventures I have seen people who asked us if we had seen their Dogs because they got out of hand, I've seen that when it starts to get dark, people abandon the walk for fear that their dogs are lost, I've seen dogs that hurt their necks with their collar because their owners do not give them a harness, I have seen people who have both hands on their dog's leash and their walk becomes an odyssey to stretch and pull, I have even seen people who have fainted because they did not hydrate during the walk,


so we decided to create your perfect link and help you obtain the necessary products to go for a walk with your dogs and that your walks become incredible adventures, our online store is a 100% family business and it is a pleasure for us to serve you with high-quality products and with the best suppliers in the market.

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